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We are pleased to offer electric bikes as an option on most of our bike tours and also a range of single centre breaks – great for first timers.


We take care of everything from places to stay to good bikes, from moving your luggage along to your hotel room.


You can start your break on any day of the week and are welcome to add extra nights to the beginning or end of your stay, or along the way, if available.


Experience the epitome of cycling excellence as we proudly join forces with Italy's finest bike craftsmen. Together, we're reaching new heights and introducing an exclusive package that lets you own your personal 3T Bike, unlocking a world of adventure and unforgettable RideSouthPortugal memories.

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"The best are the ones you haven't ridden yet!"

Review's from Clients
Since 2022

Emma from London, United Kingdom:
"RidetoSouthPortugal provided an incredible biking experience! César was always there to assist us whenever we needed help, and his punctuality was impressive. Thanks to him, we were well-prepared for our journey across the Algarve. Highly recommended!"

Jan from Berlin, Germany:
"I had an amazing time with RidetoSouthPortugal! César's availability and support were exceptional. He ensured that everything was in place for our adventure. From on-time bike delivery to helpful tips, César made our bike holiday unforgettable."

Sofia from Barcelona, Spain:
"RidetoSouthPortugal exceeded my expectations! César's dedication and attention to detail were outstanding. He ensured we were fully equipped and ready for our Algarve journey. I highly appreciate his punctuality and support throughout the trip."

Giorgio from Rome, Italy:
"RidetoSouthPortugal provided an unforgettable bike holiday experience! César's assistance was invaluable. He was always available when needed and ensured that everything went smoothly. From timely deliveries to helpful advice, César made our trip truly remarkable."

Pierre from Paris, France:
"I had an amazing time exploring Portugal with RidetoSouthPortugal! César's reliability and promptness were exceptional. He made sure we had everything we needed for our journey across the Algarve. I'm grateful for his assistance and highly recommend their services."

Katarina from Stockholm, Sweden:
"RidetoSouthPortugal delivered an incredible bike holiday experience! César's availability and support were exceptional. He went above and beyond to make our trip seamless and enjoyable. I couldn't have asked for a better guide and biking partner."

Lukas from Prague, Czech Republic:
"RidetoSouthPortugal made our bike holiday truly unforgettable! César's professionalism and commitment were remarkable. He was always there to assist us and ensured that we had a fantastic journey across the Algarve. I highly commend his punctuality and dedication."

Lucas from Amsterdam, Netherlands:
"RidetoSouthPortugal and César went above and beyond to help me own a 3T bike before my arrival. Not only that, but I had the amazing opportunity to use my bike during ventures in Algarve. César's dedication and support made my experience truly exceptional. Thank you!"

Tomasz from Krakow, Poland:
"RidetoSouthPortugal and César made it possible for me to own a 3T bike ahead of my visit. It was fantastic to have the bike available for use during my Algarve adventures. César's assistance and promptness were exceptional. I'm grateful for their top-notch service."

Introducing New Line of Partnership -
3TBike & RideSouthPortugal

Who are they?

3T is a renowned company that has its roots in the cycling industry. Founded in 1961 by Mario Dedioniggi in Torino, Italy, it originally operated under the name 3TTT, which stood for "Tecnologia del Tubo Torino" or "Torino Tube Technology." Over the years, 3T has established itself as a leader in bicycle components.


3T Bikes Specialisation

Headquartered in Bergamo, near Milan, 3T is dedicated to producing top-quality cycling equipment. Their focus lies in the realm of tube technology, with a specialization in manufacturing high-performance bicycle handlebars, stems, seatposts, and other related components. Their commitment to innovation and design excellence has made them a trusted brand among cyclists.


Does it have the capability to be driven on all pathways?

Whether it's road cycling, mountain biking, or any other discipline, 3T's products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of performance, durability, and aesthetics. Cyclists around the world turn to 3T for their expertise and top-notch cycling components that enhance their riding experience..