Why Do I Need A Bike Rental in Algarve?

The illustration of a bike rental in Algarve by Ride South Portugal

The Algarve, continental Portugal’s southernmost region, is a destination known for its beaches, cliffs and sunny weather. Algarve cycling is an excellent way to experience the best of this beautiful area, as well as to get to know the countryside and experience its roads and trails that are car-free. There are plenty of opportunities for…

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The Best Bike Rental in Albufeira

South Portugal is known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and amazingly good food. Lucky for you! Albufeira is in the Southern of Portugal! The city is just perfect to explore by cycling and is fun for beginners and professionals. There are so many things to be amazed of in Albufeira. It does not just…

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Enjoy The Best Bike Tours in Europe!

A group of people is enjoying the best bike tours in Europe

Did you know that Europe is a vital cycling tourism sector? People usually choose South Portugal for their cycling destination in Europe because of the beauty that its region offers, but countries like Germany, Denmark, and Netherlands offer good opportunities and cycling is actually relatively popular in these countries. Most countries in Europe are actually…

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The Best Bike Rental in Faro, Portugal

A person is enjoying a bike rental and tour in Faro with Ride South Portugal

Faro is the capital city of the Algarve. Actually, it is the biggest city in the Algarve! With this, we may think that Faro is a crowded place, Wrong! The population in Faro is not actually large, the city only has around 65,000 habitants in it. When we hear the term “big cities”, we usually…

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The Best Bike Rental in Lagos, Portugal

One of the bikes that you can rent at Ride South Portugal - a bike rental in Lagos and around Portugal

One of the most famous tourist destinations on the Algarve and certainly one of the most beautiful cities, Lagos, is a town full of activities, nightlife,  and modern attractions. Not to mention, it is a town full of history and cultures! The architecture and monuments in Lagos will take you back to the many different…

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Enjoy Cycling Holiday in South Portugal

Two persons are enjoying a cycling holiday in South Portugal

South Portugal is known for its beautiful climate, ravishing beaches, lovely fishing places, and lively nightlife! This is why it is popular for people to go on a cycling holiday in South Portugal. From early March to late June, the cycling holiday begins! In these months the climate is just perfect for your cycling holiday!…

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Experience The Best Bike Tour in South Portugal

A woman is enjoying a bike tour in Portugal

Planning to make the most out of your bike tour in South Portugal? We got you! South Portugal is symbolized by its south coast which is better known as the Algarve. The towns and villages of South Portugal are featured with stunning beaches, picturesque fishing places, thriving nightlife, and beautiful climate! This is why South…

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