Bike Hire: Essential Guides for Bike Tour

Many bicycles on rent from a bike hire for bike tours

You might have been seeing the cycling holiday trend growing more and more popular throughout the years and wonder what the process would be for the best experience. If you are intrigued by the idea of a cycling holiday, but you don’t know where to start or what questions to ask, then this list is…

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Enjoy The Best Bike Tours in Lagos!

A person is trying bike tours in Lagos

Cycling holidays are becoming more trendy as years go by and where better to try that out than in the beautiful Algarve! Here the sun shines all year round on the vast terrains of the countryside and the chic, bustling towns. The historic town Lagos encapsulates this very essence of Algarve. This article will show…

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Bike Tour Faro: Let’s Ride Bike in Faro!

A person is enjoying a bike tour in Faro and cycling holiday in Portugal

Having a bike tour in Faro is a perfect way to explore the tiny historical center. It will be pleasant, however, to leave the capital of the Algarve and explore the beautiful Ria Formosa Natural Park. On Ria Formosa, trails, paved and unpaved roads await you, enjoying the truly wonderful surroundings. Our local guide can…

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Top and Fun Things to Do in the Algarve!

With its vast open roads and hilly terrain, the Algarve is becoming an increasingly popular destination for serious road cycling. The Algarve is the perfect year-round cycling destination, boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year. The region hosts the annual pro tour series, The Algarve Tour, which is used by many of the top…

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Let’s Ride A Mountain Bike in Algarve!

A person is enjoying mountain bike riding Algarve

How does mountain bike riding sound to you in the best part of southern Portugal? The Algarve is a region filled with culture and magnificent natural sceneries. The best way to develop your fitness and get some refreshing time out of your busy days is to get some miles in under the sunny Algarve weather!…

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Let’s Enjoy Alentejo Bike Tour & Holidays

The amazing view that you can enjoy by trying Alentejo bike tour with Ride South Portugal

You’ll explore a region of Portugal that many consider to be the last vestige of old Iberia by cycling through rolling fields of wildflowers and olive trees in Alentejo! It is no surprise that the region is one of everyone’s favorite places in Portugal with traffic-free roads and stunning landscapes, Alentejo is one of the…

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Do I Need Dirt Bike Rentals in Portugal?

If you don't have the skill for trying dirt bike rentals, you can start by trying a mountain bike rental

Portugal is the Southern European gem that got many people drooling with beautiful sunshine, spectacular coastline and exceptional scenery. But apart from sun loungers and flip flops, it’s a paradise for those who enjoy dirt biking. But why? Portugal offers riders (with any degree of skill) a whole range of thrilling and enjoyable off-road opportunities…

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Enjoy Portugal by Renting & Riding A Bike

Portugal is considered to be one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. As more and more tourists visit and admire its gastronomy, culture, natural beauty and authenticity, the country has become increasingly popular day by day! Travelling by bike is one of the easiest ways to tap into the authenticity of…

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