Trusting Ride South Portugal to make a choice for your mountain bike rental is a perfect opportunity to ride the terrain you are heading to on a (mostly) brand-spanking-new bike. Cycling in the Algarve is a perfect way to experience the best of this beautiful place, as well as to get to know the countryside and experience its car-free roads and trails. Feeling like renting a bike? We always got you! We rent a wide range of bikes in Algarve, Portugal, so you pick and we get it ready for you!

Riding a mountain bike in Portugal is highly recommended!

One of the best mountain bike tours you will get is probably in Portugal! You will be rewarded with scenic and dazzling views over the blue sea and paradisiacal braces! You feel immensely free when you ride a mountain bike in Portugal’s forests! You really know like you are in nature and that you feel connected to this magnificent planet Earth! You can breathe fresh air and experience different scents; you can hear the quiet or wind up in the forest, and we are provided all the other wonderful sounds of mother nature! You’re going to feel this and also feel the odor of the sea! You will love the wonderful blue sea and bike along the cliffs and the vast Portuguese forests. Feel a slice of Heaven on Portugal’s mountain bike tour!

Tips and tricks on how to choose a mountain bike rental!

Above, we have mentioned that renting a bike in Algarve is the best choice to have an amazing experience, but, the probability of things going sideways with your borrowed bike is still present here. On your next trip, be sure to consider these things before selecting your shop and bike of choice:

  1. Makes sure that the bikes are maintained nicely (they clean, lube, and repair broken parts after every rental)
  2. Pay attention to the year of the bikes that you are renting. Rental bike’s shelf life is typically not more than 1 year since it gets beaten up easily.
  3. In advance, ask the rental shop what their policy is on damage vs. wear-and – tear. And on that note, before you take the bike out of the store, do a complete bike check with the shop and find any current damage.
  4. Find a seatpost that has a quick release.
  5. Ask what kind of pedals they have. some rental bikes come with SPDs, so you will need to bring your shoes and pedals with you if you want to ride with your SPD shoes.


The most recommended routes to visit in South Portugal!

You have visited us to have a mountain bike rental, now it’s time to explore!

Alentejo Route

Southwest Alentejo Natural Park is a huge section of southern Portugal’s coastline that includes most of the Algarve and Alentejo Atlantic coasts. From Porto Covo in the Alentejo around Cabo de Sao Vicente to Burgau in the Algarve. The park covers a range of natural ecosystems but also preserves this historic coastline’s cultural heritage. This route will give you the chance to explore the Alentejo, crossing all the montando, wine culture and the most scenic places around from the riverside. You will have the opportunity to visit beautiful places such as the city of Monsaraz and Evora and end up on the Alentejo Atlantic coast, where there are fine wines and seafood.

Historic Route

What we call The Historic Route is one of the finest routes for your bike trip! This path will take you to places of culture, 240 km of pure bliss and breathtaking scenery in the Algarve and Alentejo. You get the chance to explore the scenic and vibrant side of the Algarve, where it is so quiet! You get to go to beautiful places near Ria Formosa, followed by the valleys and villages of Rio Guadiana.

Have the best cycling experience with Ride South Portugal!

Lots of fun things to take in, aren’t they? Make your dream cycling holiday with Ride South Portugal come true! We’ve just got the ideal rental touring bike for you. From city bikes to trekking bikes, we offer several styles of bikes that you can choose to suit your cycling vacation needs. Contact Ride South Portugal now! Find out more about the specifics and reserve your bike.