Faro is the capital city of the Algarve. Actually, it is the biggest city in the Algarve! With this, we may think that Faro is a crowded place, Wrong! The population in Faro is not actually large, the city only has around 65,000 habitants in it. When we hear the term “big cities”, we usually expect multi-story buildings and superstructures, but not in Faro! Faro is surrounded by ancient walls and a gothic cathedral, The Paço Episcopal Palace, and beautifully cobbled streets. A new city center, with pedestrianized shopping avenues, scenic plazas and a variety of restaurants and bars, is situated outside the city wall. A big city with only 65,000 habitants that has historical ambience. Isn’t it just perfect for your bike tour in South Portugal? Feeling like renting a bike? We have a bike rental in Faro as well!

What is it about Faro? What is its interesting history?

Since prehistoric time, human occupants have been bewitched by The Ria Formosa Lagoon. This is where the history of Faro starts. Long before the Romans turned it into a town called Ossonoba, many people settled here and fortified the city. The Romans rebuilt the wall around the main area of the city which now corresponds to the Old Town. This is where the forum, the temples and other public buildings were located. Today, the important Roman ruins in Milreu can still be seen and visited. Cycling around Faro allows you to really feel the historic time of the town.

The best places in Faro that you MUST visit and things that you can do in it!

  • Sé (Cathedral)

Faro Cathedral, built on the site of an Arab mosque, was built in the late 13th century, but there are some changes in the infrastructures introduced by Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements that offer a somewhat abstract look to the building’s exterior. You should add this venue to your bike tour destination and get a beautiful view of the sea with wild seagulls going around.

The view of Sé (Cathedral) in Faro

  • Cidade Velha

You should really explore Old Town! This is one of the most important things to do in Faro! The town is surrounded by medieval walls and built over Roman foundations. The infrastructure in this town shows the art of its past.

  • Museu Municipal

This amazing showpiece has won an award for its incorporation with Nossa Senhora da Assunção ‘s former 16th-century convent. The insides of the museum itself is worth discovering as well!

  • Parque Natural da Ria Formosa

Enjoy exploring Ria Formosa with its rich biodiversity! It is always best to explore this rich landscape by bike! You get to really see the beauty that it has to offer. This place is noted as the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal. This place has absolutely stunning beaches and caves that still have its natural beauty since it is one of the protected areas in Portugal. You can also go birdwatching. With binoculars in hand, you’ll be invited into a world of Flamingos. Don’t forget, to explore having a bike rental in Faro is always the best option to make your life easier!

Why choose Ride South Portugal as your bike rental in Faro? We’ll tell you

There are 4 types of bikes in Ride South Portugal! Which are E-bike trekking/E-city, Gravel Bike/Trekking, MTB 29”/City, and Road bike disk where their price range from 15 euro to 35 euro per day rental! We will give you destinations in Faro that will allow you to see the beauty of the town wholly! We will plan your trip for you to have the best experience! We will take care of all things that you need including your place to stay in a strategic area in the town of your destination. It is easy to book our bike rentals in Portugal because you just need to visit our website and book! Online means simpler right?

Why it is better to rent a bike in Faro?

Having a bike rental in Faro makes the environment better! Since it is an eco-friendly and environmentally friendly way to see the details of Faro’s beauty. From biking, you can really get to know the people, culture, food, and culture of Faro. Renting a bike will also make your life easier! Rather than bringing your own bike and carrying it everywhere, you can just rent our bike only for the tour and give it back to us whenever you want! Let’s enjoy an amazing cycling holiday with Ride South Portugal!