South Portugal is known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and amazingly good food. Lucky for you! Albufeira is in the Southern of Portugal! The city is just perfect to explore by cycling and is fun for beginners and professionals. There are so many things to be amazed of in Albufeira. It does not just offer you beautiful beaches and good weather! There are more wonders to come if you keep exploring the city. But we are not there yet. Ride South Portugal is just the best choice if you are looking for a bike rental in Albufeira!

Albufeira and its interesting history!

Albufeira is the biggest, most beautiful and most lively of all the resort towns that line the southern shoreline of Portugal’s beautiful Algarve. Once upon a time, Albufeira was just a modest fishing village, but fast-forward to the present day, it has become one of Portugal’s most popular tourist spots. The Old Town in Albufeira is the place where the streets are rich in history! There are hundreds of restaurants and bars that are just perfect for you to have a break on your cycling holiday in South Portugal.

Amazing places to visit and things to do after having a  bike rental in Albufeira!

Old Albufeira 

The historic core of the city is ideal for an hour or so of cycling around. It has meandering streets that, through ravines of whitewashed homes, taper to little more than arms reach. Many of these alleys, laid in nice designs, have Portuguese infrastructures. You will find yourself turning a corner and being treated to the sight of the ocean through Praia do Peneco, and the older section of Albufeira is on high ground.

The stunning São Rafael beach

If you feel like relaxing, this is just the perfect beach! When on a bike tour/cycling holiday you can stop by here to spot on dolphins and have a cave excursion. This is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Albufeira. The sea is as clear as a crystal and it will blow your mind! Even in the winters, the beach is also amazing to walk along the sand or enjoy a coffee while waiting for the sunset.

The stunning São Rafael beach

Parasailing from Albufeira Marina

Experience the most of what Albufeira’s mother nature has to offer with parasailing! It will be an unforgettable experience!  You get to see Albufeira from the sky and when you are out there, there is always the chance of seeing one or two dolphins. Albufeira provides a finer choice of high-quality parasailing boats than other parts of the Algarve, so you can be sure to find good options during the year when advance reservations are suggested.

Birdwatching in the Salgados Lagoon

Birdwatching is an excellent activity if you are feeling like getting away from the crowds while being on a bike tour! Owing to the variety of land and coastal ecosystems, the Algarve is home to a wide diversity of birdlife. To see birds in the wetland lagoon forest, head to Salgados. Here, take a stroll along the sidewalk that will take you close enough to the lagoon to get a clear view of their natural habitat without upsetting birds. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to see a flamingo!

The best time to have a bike tour or cycling holiday in Albufeira

In the off-seasons such as winter, the earliest months of the year from January to March, it is often best to go on a bike tour in Albufeira and be happy with mild temperatures. With the area becoming less busy during these months and the excellent climate, developing your skills for the coming season is ideal for you, road cyclists and cycling groups. In July and August, there will be more visitors visiting and the weather is too hot to go cycling in these months, so it is not recommended to have a bike tour in these months. If you want to have a bike rental in Albufeira during these months it would be easy as well because there are not a lot of tourists coming. The weather is always good to have a bike tour in Portugal wherever it is!

Why you should go on a bike tour and rent your bike at Ride South Portugal

By going on a bike tour, you get to see the place that you are visiting on another whole level. This is because biking allows you to really see the details of the beauty that each destination offers since you’re moving in a slow phase. Biking also gives you so many health benefits and unfiltered experiences! The best place to have a bike rental in Albufeira is with us! Ride South Portugal. In the beautiful Albufeira, we not only offer the best price for bike rental, but we also have a big range of bikes. You can choose any bike that suits you and you can try our personalized Albufeira and Algarve guided tours as well. It is a smart choice to rent a bike with us wherever you are in the Algarve!