Planning to go to Tavira for your next holiday? You will surely enjoy this fishing town!

If you want to visit Portugal for your next holiday, enjoying bike holidays in Tavira can be an amazing choice for you to try! Tavira is a beautiful small town with exceptional island beaches that are accessible, but despite increasing visitors, Tavira continues to make a living as a fishing port for tuna. The buses stop at the new terminal by the river, only two minutes’ walk from the central square, Praça da Republica. The train station is only 1 km from the city center, straight up to the Rua da Liberdade. The boat crosses from Quatro Aguas, 2 km east of the city, to the eastern end of Ilha de Tavira, which runs west almost as far as Fuzeta, about 14 km away. You can also join our bike tour Tavira to make it easier for you to explore Tavira.

The beach is very large, supported by dunes, and although there is increased development – small chalet settlements, water sports, beach umbrellas, and half a dozen bars/restaurants overlooking the sea – this is the right place to hang out. Tavira has some of the best places for scuba diving in Portugal, you can check the diving schools in Pedras Del Rei.

Bars and restaurants line the parks along the banks of the Gilao River, which run through the city center. Perhaps the best of the restaurants here is Imperial, which serves some of the best seafood in the Algarve at reasonable prices. Arco, in Rua Almirante Cãndido dos Reis 67, is a relaxed and gay-friendly bar.

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Back to one of the most stunning towns in the Algarve. It‘s impossible to describe all about this beautiful town.

Here are the amazing places to visit while you’re enjoying bike holidays in Tavira!

Praia Da Terra Estreita

Praia Da Terra Estreita is one of the amazing places to visit while you’re enjoying bike holidays in Tavira

The journey to Terra Estreita Beach starts at the pier of Santa Lúzia, Tavira, and boarding a small speedboat, continues on a journey of about five minutes.

The beach is on the island of Tavira, it looks like a peaceful retreat for relaxing baths in the middle of the Algarve. It has some supports that serve the most demanding, but above all the visit is worth the surrounding natural richness and the comfort of a very quiet beach.

The crossing is for the cost of two euros and fifty cents and the children do not pay.

Praia Da Ilha De Cabanas

Praia Da Ilha De Cabanas is one of the best places for you to ride by bike holidays in Tavira

Ilha de Cabanas is an island close to the coast of Tavira. On this beautiful island, you can find Praia de Cabanas or known as Cabanas Beach. This beach is very long and narrow and is located in front of the town of Cabanas de Tavira. This is one of the best beaches in the Tavira area.

Igreja De Santiago

Igreja De Santiago is one of the amazing places to visit while you’re enjoying bike holidays in Tavira!

Just south of the castle of Tavira is the white-washed 17th-century Igreja de Santiago, allegedly built where a tiny mosque once stood. The park beside it was once Praça da Vila, the old town square.

It was built in the middle of the 13th century, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755.

Tavira Castle

You can visit Tavira Castle by renting a bike in Tavira

Perched on a rocky hill in the ancient Arab region are the ruins of the Moorish castle of the city. Dating from the 13th century, this fort was partly rebuilt in the 17th century, but today only the outer wall remains. A set of steep stairs leads to a fortress that connects two fortress towers that are still alive, one of which you can climb to see beautiful views of the roofs like the Tavira pyramid and the distant beach.

The yard is now a slim garden which, in spring, blooms into brightly colored spots. If you like your history, the church closest to Santa Maria do Castelo is also worth investigating. Inside was the tomb of Paio Peres Correia, a legendary knight who helped release Tavira from the Moorish rule in 1242. Seven of his cohorts lived with him.

Praia do Barril

Rent a bike in Tavira and ride to Praia do Barril

On the border island of Ilha de Tavira is a world-class beach. Praia do Barril has a long and wide white sand belt, with rows of umbrellas, sun loungers and a dune system behind.

Kids will get a kick out of the trip, because after parking at the beach you take a mini train.

It crosses dunes and rivers until you arrive at the remnants of an old fishing community.

Their huts and homes are now mini-museums and beach restaurants, while anchor fishing fleets have been planted in dunes as monuments in the past.

Praia da Ilha de Tavira

Ride a bike to Praia da Ilha de Tavira

The closest beach to the city is also the most visited.

As the name suggests, it exists on barrier islands that are isolated from the mainland by small channels.

The ferry crosses costs €2 to return and shuttles back and forth throughout the day.

After landing, there is a short walk past the camp before you are confronted by a long sandy beach that seems to last forever.

Sun loungers and umbrellas are separated from the next, and you have plenty of restaurants, many of them have free Wi-Fi if you can’t help but brag to your friends.

Praça da República

Praça da República

It is home to the Tavira tourism office, and the beginnings of every walk around Tavira, Praça da República pedestrians whose elegance cannot be matched in the Algarve.

On one side of the whitewashed city hall as a beautiful arcade, and the other side is a series of bars and restaurant terraces where you can dine alfresco at night or enjoy coffee during the day.

Tucked next to this line is the arch of the Moorish horseshoe, which was once part of the castle’s defenses.

Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo

Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo

Next to the castle, this church began right after Tavira was taken back from the Moors in 1242. It is even on the site where the city mosque once was.

Gothic buildings stood firm for 500 years until the great earthquake in 1755 which dropped monuments throughout Portugal.

It was rebuilt with a Baroque design, but the Gothic portal is medieval and dates to the 1300s.

At this ogival arch rose four archivolts above the leaf capital.

Another trail of an older church awaits at Capela do Senhor dos Passos, from the 1520s with a complete Manueline brick in his safe.

Ria Formosa

Watch flamingos in Ria Formosa

Also in Cabanas de Tavira, you have to take a boat to sail on the east side of the Ria Formosa lagoon.

This is a natural park, which stretches over 170 square kilometers of waterways, islands, beaches, salt pans, and expanse of shells.

Ria Formosa is assisted by experts as one of the most important wetland sites in the world, with over 200 species of birds that are permanent residents (purple herons, spend winter here (flamingos), western swamps), or rest during migration (see redshanks booted eagle). In addition to a variety of birdlife, you can also see fishermen and salt farmers doing their work in the same way as their families have done for generations.

Those are the best things to do during your vacation in Tavira, Portugal according to our bike holidays Algarve.

However, Tavira can be a place for extraordinary cycling adventures or just to relax if that’s what you’re looking for! Cycling is also an environmentally and eco-friendly way to see Tavira scenes that are usually not seen, a deep way to get to know the people, food, culture, and history of the Algarve, Portugal.

What are you waiting for? Book your bike holidays with Ride South Portugal with us for an unforgettable Tavira trip.