Portugal is the Southern European gem that got many people drooling with beautiful sunshine, spectacular coastline and exceptional scenery. But apart from sun loungers and flip flops, it’s a paradise for those who enjoy dirt biking. But why? Portugal offers riders (with any degree of skill) a whole range of thrilling and enjoyable off-road opportunities looking to test their talents, challenge themselves and, most importantly, just let their hair down. That’s why you can find a lot of dirt bike rentals here, in Portugal.

The geography of Portugal makes it perfect for dirt bike tours and rentals!

The Tagus river, which separates the rough north from the rolling plains in the south, divides Portugal. The landscape in the north is an extension of the Iberian Peninsula’s mountains, forested and intersected by deep valleys. The highest point on the mainland, Serra da Estrela (6,539 feet/1,993 meters), lies between the Douro and the Tagus rivers. On Pico Island in the Azores, Portugal’s highest point is Pico Alto (7,713 feet/2,351 meters). How amazing is that?!

The landscape is characterizing south of the Tagus River by broad plains, mostly planted with Mediterranean plants, including cork oaks, figs, olive trees and vineyards. Many of Portugal’s rivers, including the Minho, Douro, Tagus and Guadiana Rivers, originate in Spain and flow into the Atlantic Ocean, forming a rich hydrographic network. Portuguese territory also covers the islands of Madeira and the Azores. Both archipelagos, located in the Atlantic Ocean, have volcanic origins and are rich in natural beauty and indigenous species! 

The view of Tagus river

Here are the reasons why Portugal is just the perfect place for your dirt bike tours and rentals!

Challenging off-road terrain!
Portugal has a wide variety of terrain for you to really get your teeth stuck in, whether you’re a professional looking for a bit of fun, a newbie looking to advance their riding abilities or something in between. This is the kind of riding that will have you smiling nonstop! You’re just going to love the off-road tracks and trails in which Portugal is offering.

Excellent forested trails
There’s nothing like getting into the dense forest and taking a crack on some of the most gnarly roads. The accomplishments, the losses, the laughs — it’s absolutely a lot of fun. For dirt bikers, the woodlands in Portugal are the ideal playground, regardless of your ability, Portugal offers spectacular climbs, exciting single tracks, challenges for skill testing and so much more. Where else would you enjoy such pure childlike enthusiasm combined with all the fun on a bike of becoming an adult!?

Awesome beach riding!
Nothing beats finding a fantastic beach and getting your two wheels to it. Beach riding is a thrill because it gives you the opportunity to really open up the throttle and give it some serious fun. The sand is not likely to do you or the bike any harm if you fall off, so it’s a perfect opportunity to show off to your friends!

Amazing scenery!
Portugal is married to the stunning scenery! The country is born to give you beautiful places for your dirt bike tours, and to have a hell of a lot of fun while you do it. Getting to the top of an exhilarating hill climb to be encountered by panoramic coastal views, riding out of the shadow of the dense forest canopy exposing the bright blue sky, and seeing seductive sand dunes stretching to the horizon, Portugal is a masterpiece just waiting to be explored!

Beautiful weather!
Riding in the warm and welcoming weather of Portugal, with the fresh breeze flowing through your gear, is just heavenly and beats riding in other places!  To top it all off, you can soak up some of the golden rays after an amazing day of riding, kick back at a pristine beach, pop open a well-deserved cold beer and enjoy your day of riding with the rest of your riding group. This is what you call a bliss! Now that you are amazed and just can’t wait to have a dirt bike tour, visit Portugal now!

If you don't have the skill for trying dirt bike rentals, you can start by trying a mountain bike rental

Worry about not having enough skills? You can always start by learning to ride a mountain bike!

Now your problem is trying to look for a mountain bike rental? We are only one call away! Learning to ride a mountain bike is the perfect way for you to start! So don’t worry! In learning to ride a mountain bike, the first abilities most riders acquire are based on riding on the trail safely, riding effectively, and improving overall balance on the bike. These are the abilities that allow us to crash less and ride longer, making it more enjoyable for mountain biking. Armed with these key pillars of mountain bike technology, you can easily progress to dirt biking! After that, contact us for your mountain bike rental!

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