Did you know that Europe is a vital cycling tourism sector? People usually choose South Portugal for their cycling destination in Europe because of the beauty that its region offers, but countries like Germany, Denmark, and Netherlands offer good opportunities and cycling is actually relatively popular in these countries. Most countries in Europe are actually bike-friendly! The region is literally perfect for it! Wanna know why? Just keep reading and you’ll have the best bike tours in Europe!

This is why Europe is a recommended region to experience bike tours or cycling holiday

Some countries in Europe like Portugal are very famous for its beautiful nature. Portugal, especially in the south, has so many stunning beaches and other things that will surely give you an eyegasm! People outside of Europe often think that most countries in Europe are filled with only tall buildings and skyscrapers where cities and cycling are two words that don’t often sit comfortably together. The fact is, both the city and suburban areas in European countries are perfect for your bike tour or cycling holiday! In the cities, most European countries are bicycle-friendly now! Many cities now have bike-share schemes, usually free for the first half-hour or so, that make it easy to hop between the sights quickly and easily. Infrastructure has been planned to cater cyclists. City planners are realising that cycling benefits the environment. Now there are a lot of safe bike-only paths, cycle parking facilities and also access to bike-friendly public transport. Europe offers you a lot of amazing things from their beautiful nature, cities with unique and historical infrastructures, and easy access to cycling. So why won’t you go on a bike tour or bike holiday in Europe?

A person is riding a bike and enjoying a bike tour in Europe

Recommended bike tour destinations in Europe!

Here are the 5 most scenic routes for you to put on your bike tour/cycling holiday destination in Europe:

Danube Cycle Path

This is one of Europe’s first cycle paths! And of course, until now it is still one of the most popular! From Germany, the path winds along the Danube, all the way to the Black Sea. Riders will pass through 10 countries and will be pleased by many beautiful sights, from the Danube Loop, Austria’s natural wonder, to the Baroque Vienna palaces.

Via Francigena, Italy

This is actually the longest route in Italy! It runs from the Great St Bernard’s Pass on the Swiss border to the Basilica of St Peter in Rome. It is over a thousand years old when it was a pilgrimage route. The path takes riders through Tuscan countryside and past medieval towns such as San Gimignano. In reality, just for picture stops the occasional wine tasting, and to enjoy your grand entrance, grant yourself a few extra days.

Baltic Sea Cycle

This path is nearly 5000 miles long! Can you believe it? You will have a chance to pass through nine European countries along the Baltic coastline if you go on this route. PLUS.. You get to enjoy white sands and ice blue water from your saddle from countries like Estonia, Finland and Latvia. You can also travel over frozen lakes if you feel adventurous.

Cornish Coastal Way, England

This route offers all the things that bikers possibly want! From fresh sea air, small villages to great seafood are all available along this road. There are different trails to choose from, you can choose to pass popular seaside towns such as St Ives and, for the romantic, along the trails of smugglers and wreckers. If the sun shines, a pit stop will tempt sandy coves and clear water.

Alentejo, Portugal

It is best known for its iconic natural park, which is Europe’s largest coastal park. Ride your way through one natural beauty after another, including cork woods, rice fields and olive and orange groves, spanning 100 km, from Porto Covo down to Burgau in the Algarve. With wild beaches in the Atlantic and idyllic villages. Riding a bike around Alentejo is surely the best choice for your cycling holiday in Portugal!

This is why South Portugal the perfect destination for you to have the best bike tours in Europe!

South Portugal has perfect weather all year long for cycling! South Portugal usually provides warm and sunny summers, mild winters, fall, and spring. The weather in South Portugal is very hot and dry most of the time, and it is always very good even in the winters! You will be witnessing a moderate autumn and winter here. South Portugal is blessed with mother nature’s picturesque places! You will be stunned by so many beaches and cliffs. Almost all of their amazing infrastructures have a history behind it as well! We promise that you won’t regret going there!

South Portugal is tourism-focused and has nice backroads, paths, with a limited density of vehicles. Since tourism is one of its principal activities, you can find several types of hotels everywhere. You will find impressive infrastructures in South Portugal that will help your stay with a bike tour. South Portugal is one of the areas with less population density. So it is just perfect for your bike tour in Europe!

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