South Portugal is known for its beautiful climate, ravishing beaches, lovely fishing places, and lively nightlife! This is why it is popular for people to go on a cycling holiday in South Portugal. From early March to late June, the cycling holiday begins! In these months the climate is just perfect for your cycling holiday! The temperature is not so hot, but just warm in a perfect way that you can enjoy being outside. How exciting is that?! Some people also prefer to go cycling in September or October and other months. The thing about South Portugal is that it has a great cycling climate all year long!

It is always best to enjoy South Portugal by cycling, why?

South Portugal is rich in picturesque places, history, culture, great foods and wine. As mentioned above, it is famous for its beaches and they are amazingly beautiful with clear blue water, dramatic and wild cliffside. You will surely get an eyegasm!

When we say that South Portugal is rich in history and culture, it is because the country itself, Portugal, has been an epicenter of trade routes. You’ll encounter a country of explorers and one of the first to adventure into the sea. Since Portugal has always embraced other cultures and art, you will find that modern and contemporary architecture, literature, music and theatre, everything blended by millennial traditions and craftsmanship. Of course, all of these are in Southern Portugal as well!

As for the food and wines, South Portugal has amazingly good seafood! Since the country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and one of the best wines are from South Portugal. Resulting from the country having a big variety of cultures and landscapes.

By having a cycling holiday in South Portugal, you get to really vibe with the surroundings. You will be able to enjoy the weather, the infrastructures, the beauty of its culture and history, to really breath on the fresh air from the beaches, since by cycling, you are exposed to the open air and moving in a slow phase. Cycling allows you to see the details of South Portugal’s scenic places. It will be easier for you to explore through hidden beautiful places that have to go through small roads. Choosing a place to eat becomes easier as you can see every restaurant clearly.

Amazing places to visit in South Portugal by cycling or riding a bike!

The first place that you MUST visit is the lovely Ria Formosa Natural Park! It runs along 60km of coastline. Start your journey at the Environmental Education Centre of Marim where you will be able to see several ecosystems (dunes, salt marshes, and pine forest), migratory birds, a tide mill, old tuna fishing boats, and many more amazing things if you go around the park!

The other perfect destination is all around Algarve! Ria Formosa may be in Algarve, but other places in Algarve are worth visiting! The towering cliffs, golden beaches, sea caves, scalloped bays, and sandy islands like Faro that attracts more than four million visitors every year. Far in the hilly hills are historic fortress cities and white-painted villages, rolling villages covered in carob, cork, almond-trees and orange groves, rustic farmhouse restaurants, and beautiful Via Algarviana hiking trails across the region. Basically, almost every corner of South Portugal is worth visiting!

Events or festivals in South Portugal that you must visit!

Lisboa Dance Festival
Lisboa Dance Festival is an eclectic celebration of the country’s culture. This is a new festival launched in 2016 that has gained wide popularity in the present day. The highlights of this festival are the eclectic lineups that showcase the current scenery of electronic music. You can visit this festival and dance at the beats of electric rhythms.

Kizomba New Year’s Eve Fest
This is the most extravagant New Year’s Eve celebration in Portugal! This fest will definitely boost your excitement level. Party and dance your way through the three days long celebration of the upcoming year. This event will spice up your cycling holiday in South Portugal!

Renting a bike in Ride South Portugal is a smart choice!

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