Cycling holidays are becoming more trendy as years go by and where better to try that out than in the beautiful Algarve! Here the sun shines all year round on the vast terrains of the countryside and the chic, bustling towns. The historic town Lagos encapsulates this very essence of Algarve. This article will show you the best bike tours in Lagos and why you should not miss them!

Here’s what you should know about Lagos!

A city that is rich in history and character, Lagos is considered a favourite holiday destination. Among others, Lagos has been home to the Romans and the Moors who were attracted to Lagos because it was a harbour that provided communication and livelihood. This extensive history is evident in its architecture and monuments which speaks of maritime adventures of the past. Sightseers adore Lagos for its well-preserved ancient city that hosts a stunning baroque-style church, charming cobbled streets, and antique city walls.

On top of that, Lagos has a stunning natural environment. Its geography includes majestic cliffs and dream-like beaches. Over the years, visitors have remarked that Lagos has one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. A typical beach in Lagos is where golden sands stretch as far as the eye can see and clear blue waters invite you for a refreshing swim. Weathered cliffs line the borders of Lagos creating picturesque grottos, caves, and arches. That is why it’s always recommended to try bike tours in Lagos!

There is a lot to see in Lagos because of its overall beauty both in nature and in the town, however, the best way to enjoy your holiday is by getting a bike tour or renting a bike. This is because some parts of the town, like the city center, is not accessible by other types of transportation. Most attractions are not so far away from each other, and so a bicycle would be in handy and is a more affordable alternative to others. The stable climate in the Algarve is also supportive for a cycling holiday!

Amazing places that you can visit with bike tours in Lagos

The amazing places that you can visit by trying bike tours in Lagos

Praia da Salema Loop

Rent a bike and start the bike route from the seaside resort of Luz for its sandy beach and steep coast scenery. You can also find a 19th-century church with a large watchtower. Then make your way through Praia da Boca do Rio which is a clearing with a stunning view. Finally, you will arrive in Praia da Salema white-sand beach. The beach is known for its large stretch of golden sand and tranquil vibes away from tourist crowds. This bike route is mostly on paved surfaces and suitable for all skill levels.

Praia do Camilo

This beach is one of the most iconic beaches in the region and nothing can really amount to the natural beauty Praia do Camilo. Get a bike rental in Lagos and visit the grottoes, caves, and crazy rock formations that you will find here. Praia do Camilo also has restaurants and bars that would accommodate your thirst and hunger after a thrilling bike ride. Just like other beaches in the Algarve, Praia do Camilo’s waters are crystal clear and very inviting for a refreshing swim. 

Lagos City Center

If you get tired of the beaches in Lagos, just get a bike rental in and tour the city center! There are lots of sights to see from monuments, ancient walls to extravagant churches. The city also hosts an array of exquisite cuisines and trinkets! The cobbled streets, away from traffic, make it an ideal environment for cycling.

Monchique Downhill Off-road Bike Ride from Mount Foia

If you are curious about what other things Lagos can offer, you can try with a bike tour to the region’s highest peak. The tour would start at Mount Foia until you get back to your accommodation in Lagos. As you descend through the mountain trails, you will learn about the region’s environment from your guide. These include the local flora and fauna. The tour is also full of remarkable scenic views and provides a lunch break.

MTB Ride Alvor – Portimao

This bike tour brings you along the coastal and inland bike trails near Portimao. It is a relaxing scenic cycling experience and relatively easy, so beginner riders are very welcome! This fun tour is tailored for your specifications with as many stops as you need for drinking water or taking pictures. Just think of all the photos you’ll bring back home!

A family is ready to try a cycling holiday in Portugal

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