Planning to make the most out of your bike tour in South Portugal? We got you!

South Portugal is symbolized by its south coast which is better known as the Algarve. The towns and villages of South Portugal are featured with stunning beaches, picturesque fishing places, thriving nightlife, and beautiful climate! This is why South Portugal is a popular region for people to go on holidays, especially in Algarve. Having a bicycle tour in South Portugal allows you to really see the authenticity of the South Portuguese lifestyle. It is a way for you to get to really know the origins of the country, especially the areas that are not very urbanized.

You should really try a bike tour in South Portugal! Why? We’ll tell you

South Portugal has a great cycling climate all year long! South Portugal offers warm and sunny summers, mild winters, autumn, and spring that is normally warm, in general. Most of the time the weather in South Portugal is very hot and dry, even in the winters it is still very pleasurable! Here you’ll experience a moderate autumn and winter.

“Great food and wines” is South Portugal’s middle name. After a long day of bike tours, what is better than indulging yourself with Portuguese cuisine and wines? Nothing! Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, Portugal flourished in fantastic seafood!  Since the country has a big variety of cultures and landscape, each region has an endless variety of cheese and wines, and one of the best ones is in South Portugal!

South Portugal is tourism-oriented and it has great backroad, trails, with a small car density. You can find many types of hotels everywhere since tourism is one of its main activities. You’ll find amazing infrastructures that will support your stay by having a bike tour in South Portugal. South Portugal is one of the regions that is less dense in population. For example, Algarve has only 451,000 habitants, which makes the backroads to be great for your bike tour! With a relatively car-free environment. So, how can you not choose South Portugal as your bike tour destination?

Amazing bike routes to ride in and around South Portugal that you must try!

One of the best routes for your bike tour is what we call The Historic Route! This route will take you to places with history in Algarve and Alentejo, 240 km of pure bliss and beautiful scenery. You get the opportunity to discover the side of Algarve that is scenic and colorful, where it is so peaceful! You get to go to beautiful places near Ria Formosa, followed by Rio Guadiana through its valleys and villages. This is a route with mostly rural roads and a few gravel roads. Inside of this region, you can find multiple points of support, picnic park, points of water, and restaurants.

Another best route is the Alentejo Route! This route will give you the possibility to discover Alentejo from the riverside, crossing all the montando, wine culture and the most scenic places around. You will get the chance to visit beautiful places like Monsaraz and Evora city, and finish on the Atlantic Coast of Alentejo where there are good wines and seafood.

When is the best time to visit or ride a bike in South Portugal?

It is always best to go on a bike tour in South Portugal in the off seasons like winter, the earliest months of the year from January to March and be pleased by mild temperature with an average of  17°C to 19°C. With the region being less crowded during these months and the great climate, it is perfect for you, road cyclists and cycling groups to improve your skills for the upcoming season. There will be more tourists visiting in July and August and it can be too hot to go cycling during these months, therefore, it is not advised to have a bike tour in these months.

A family is ready to enjoy the best bike tour in Europe and South Portugal

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