The Algarve is a great coastal region in the south of Portugal and has been known to be a favourite holiday destination for many couples and families alike. Because of the diversity of its geography, the Algarve has an extensive list of activities that can be undertaken. Families especially love to go on holidays in the Algarve because of all the fun things that the region has to offer. From pirate adventures to princesses make-believe, we have all the family activities you can imagine! This list will inform you of the best things you can do with your family in the Algarve.


A brief introduction to our beautiful region

Fun Things to do with Family in the Algarve

         The Algarve is home to long sandy beaches that stretches as far as the eye can see. If you love swimming in the ocean with your family, you’re in luck! Because the Algarve’s best beaches are calm and crystal clear, so you don’t need to worry about bringing your little ones into the water. The region also offers exquisite cuisine, especially seafood, because being a coastal area, we always have the freshest catch! If you are not a beach type of person, the Algarve has majestic mountain ranges, teeming with wildlife, that you can visit and explore. Here at Ride South Portugal we also provide mountain bike rentals, for anyone interested in a more thrilling adventure.

The natural environment in our region is undeniably beautiful, but the Algarve also has charming towns with luxury villas, so you don’t need to worry about bringing small children on your trip. On top of that, there are plenty of choices to help you and your little ones explore the region without stress. For example, renting a bike tour or a bike rental would save you the hassle of organizing plans and transportation, especially since public transportation is relatively slow in the Algarve. Ultimately, if you are interested in a Mediterranean holiday here, let’s look at some family-friendly activities that you might want to engage in!


Dolphin Fun!

Dolphin Driven is a company that offers two exciting types of trips. One is for those of you who are kayak-lovers! The trip involves you and your family to explore caves and stunning rock formations. It is a half-day trip of paddling through glistening waters. The second trip is a few hours at sea on a 12-person RIB boat where you will be able to see caves, have a relaxing swim, and of course, dolphins! The best part is that Dolphin Driven is committed to respecting sea life and are all about marine preservation. So you don’t need to worry about hurting the ecosystem when having fun with these fantastic animals!


Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure in Algarve

Set sail on this majestic pirate ship and your kids will thank you for it! This is their time to shine and act out their Pirates of the Caribbean dream because Dream Wave is the most stunning historical pirate ship. They also have a very professional and friendly staff that is dedicated to maximizing your enjoyment. Expect to see magnificent cliffs, extraordinary scenery, and more dolphins playing in the deep blue!


The Red Castle

castle of Silves in Algarve

In the Algarve, you don’t need to imagine very hard to be able to live out your fairy-tale fantasies. With a very modest entrance fee, you will be able to explore the massive red-bricked castle of Silves. The castle is truly a stunning landmark, as its majestic walls and towers are visible from even miles away. While climbing to the top of their tall towers, you can learn its fascinating Moorish history, and when you are finally at the top, you will be graced by a magnificent view of the whole town.


Get Cozy with Animals!

The Krazy World Zoo in Algarve

The Krazy World Zoo is unique because you and your family will get the chance to interact with a lot of the cute animals there. There is a PETTING FARM, where you can feed dwarf goats, llamas, and deers. In TERRA EXOTIKA, you will get the chance to interact with more exotic animals such as the African Spur tortoises, lemurs, and different exotic birds in their aviary would feed right from the palms of your hands. The zoo also offers pony rides, a swimming pool with water slides, tree climbing, and many more! It is the perfect family activity because you can’t NOT have a good time in Krazy World Zoo, especially those of you who are complete animal lovers!


Slide and Splash Waterpark

Slide and Splash Waterpark in Algarve

Enjoy a day trip to Slide and Splash Waterpark where they have an extensive choice of slides for both children and adults. The park provides sun loungers and parasols for rent, and you can lay down your towels on the grass if you’d like. They even have animal shows with snakes, owls, and an eagle. The park is definitely a must-see with their giant slides looking like a rainbow on a hill.


Get A Bike Rental!

bike rental in Algarve with Family


The Algarve is one of the best places to ride a bike because of its diverse geography and all-year-round nice weather. If you are interested in getting a bike rental, we suggest you try a mountain bike instead of a normal one. Because of the versatility of a mountain bike, you will be able to go through any terrain without worry. It gives you flexibility and so many possibilities to go wherever you please and explore all parts of the Algarve. A cycling holiday can be the perfect family activity for you because it brings together fun and healthy fitness! Not to mention a bike can also save you a lot of money that you would’ve otherwise spent on other more expensive methods of transport. Ride South Portugal offers a Historic Holidays Package where you can get the best quality bike and GPS, hotels/apartments, route assistance, and airport transfer all in one package.


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