How does mountain bike riding sound to you in the best part of southern Portugal? The Algarve is a region filled with culture and magnificent natural sceneries. The best way to develop your fitness and get some refreshing time out of your busy days is to get some miles in under the sunny Algarve weather! The landscapes are of a variety that can be chosen for a fun cycling holiday in the Algarve, Portugal, by someone of various fitness levels from different tracks and areas.

The amazing and beautiful landscape of The Algarve that will make you want to stay!

The region of Algarve has what every traveler wants in a nutshell. Picturesque views with mesmerizing landscapes can be found here, and the best part, there are lots of them in Algarve. This gives you choices as Algarve even offers breathtaking caves and stunning cliffs that enhance the landscape flavor and variety. 

White sand and crystal clear turquoise water enrich the beaches in Algarve. There are even tours for you and your family like the ones in Albufeira, where it will guide us deep into the caves and grottos. Moreover, the guide will then take us to a dolphin sighting spot where we can see dolphins up close in the wild. If a day on the beach with the family is what you want, then you can go ahead and visit Meia Praia. The beach has plenty of space with restaurants lining up near the shore. This gives the family a perfect place to spend the whole day on the beach, very accessible, and clean with clear waters. There are also natural parks with amazing atmospheres and diverse natural environments. Overall, if you are trying to find spectacular landscapes and wonderful views, mountain bike riding in Algarve will always be one of the answers.

The amazing landscape of Algarve, perfect for mountain bike tour

This is why Algarve is the perfect place for riding a mountain bike!

The region of Algarve is also one of the best places to enjoy bike riding. The place itself and climatic conditions really support biking activities. Traveling from one place to another by mountain bike will definitely be fun. The attractions in Algarve are also not too far apart making it still acceptable to travel with bikes. The climatic conditions Algarve offers are also on point, with sunny days available for almost the whole year. Mild air temperature with the cool breeze from the Atlantic ocean gives biking a perfect touch to complete your trip to Algarve.

With a mountain bike, you can explore even the deep site of the region with endless possibilities tracks to cover. This gives you the flexibility of your route choices and discovers the hidden gems Algarve has to offer. Traveling by mountain bike will let you enjoy the scenic tours with some adrenaline testers as well as exercise at the same time. This is probably not a relaxing way of enjoying a holiday, but it is definitely worth a try during your stay in Algarve considering the beauty it offers. Now you’re trying to find a mountain bike rental in Algarve? Don’t worry! Just contact us!

Tips and tricks on how to ride a mountain bike safely!

There is a reason why mountain bikes are named that way which differs it from normal bikes. This means that even the tracks will not be as basic as strolling the city that anybody can do. So here are some tips you should know about riding a mountain bike to maximize your performance.

A person is enjoying mountain bike riding through forest around Algarve

The first one will be knowing your seat positions, this comes for ascending and descending positions. For ascending, adjust the seat until your legs are slightly bent while your foot is at the bottom of the pedal. Ideally, the leg would be reaching 85% of the full leg extension, this makes your pedals to be more efficient and powerful with the major legs muscles working. For descending, on the other hand, the seat should be adjusted 2 to 3 inches lower from the ascending height. As the seats are lower, the center of gravity will also lower, giving much better control and confidence going through the descent path.

Secondly, identify how and when to brake. Your brake should be consistent and controlled by lightly applying brakes evenly. Sudden brakes and fast squeezes should always be avoided. When braking, move back your hips, drop down your heels, and keep a slight bend on the knees and elbows. This will help in staying in control as well as responsive to the things happening around. Brake before the turn and control the momentum. This will lead you to exit the turn with speed because you can focus on your turn technique more.

Lastly, shift gears properly. Shifting is a huge part of biking, this will let you maneuver with ease by selecting the right shift for the specific route types. Shifting should be done while moving, so always shift before you enter a different terrain. This will help in keeping the position steady and avoid any awkward shifting during an ascension that might lead the chain to go off.

Overall, the general tips that new riders need are provided above. Be sure to be ready to fall and even walk the bike because of tough terrains. Remember to bring a multi-tool and a first aid kit for anything urgent happening. Mountain bike riding in Portugal will surely be worth it!

A person is enjoying mountain bike riding Algarve

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