With its vast open roads and hilly terrain, the Algarve is becoming an increasingly popular destination for serious road cycling. The Algarve is the perfect year-round cycling destination, boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year. The region hosts the annual pro tour series, The Algarve Tour, which is used by many of the top pro riders to practice for the Spring Classics each February and this is one of the top things to do in the Algarve.

Here are the interesting parts about Algarve!

Located in the south of Portugal on the western end of the Iberian Peninsula, the Algarve is easily separated from the rest of the country. Not only for its peripheral location but for its morphological and geological characteristics as well. The Algarve region covers 6 percents of Portugal’s total area and it’s 5,000 km2 wide. It is bordered by the Alentejo on the north side, the Guadiana River separates it from Spain on the east, and the Atlantic bathes it on the west and south. Due to its geographical diversity, the Algarve can be divided into three main regions. The Serra Mountains, the Barrocal (a place full of rocks, crags or caves) and the Littoral River.

Two of the most interesting parts of Algarve that you must visit and make it as your bike tour destinations are Albufeira and Portimão! Albufeira is a former fishing village peppered with colorful, sun-soaked cliffs, known for its long beaches. Now the jumping point for diving excursions and boat trips is the nearby marina that was once central to the area’s fishing economy. The lovely promenade here is lined with elegant apartments decorated in pastel and neon hues. If you would like to do some dolphin watching during your holiday in Portugal, Albufeira is the place to have it!

As a shipbuilding capital and fishing town, Portimão’s long history makes it one of the most interesting places to tour today. With endless ocean views, tourists will spend their days touring a scenic promenade. Going further into town takes you to classic European squares, pedestrian shopping areas and quaint streets lined with historic buildings lined with restaurants and cafés. This is just a little bit of the top things to do in the Algarve! Keep reading if you want to know more!

Watching dolphins is one the fun and top things to do in the Algarve

Here are some fun activities to do in the Algarve!

Ride South Portugal’s self-guided Alentejo Bike Holidays
Alentejo bike tour offers you the opportunity to explore the riverside of Alentejo, cross all the montando, wine culture and the most picturesque places around, visit places such as Monsaraz and Evora city, finish on the Alentejo Atlantic Coast, offering you the best wine and seafood! You can check the “Bike Holidays – Alentejo Ride” category for further information!

Mountain Bike Tour
You can explore even the deep site of the area with infinite possibilities of tracks to cover by having a mountain bike tour. This gives you the freedom to choose your route and discover the secret gems that the Algarve has to offer. Traveling by mountain bike with some adrenaline testers will let you enjoy the scenic tours as well as exercise at the same time. This is probably not a relaxing way to spend a break, but considering the beauty it offers, it is certainly worth a try during your stay in Algarve.

Ride South Portugal Self-Guided Historic Holidays Bike Tour
This historic route will take you to some of the locations in the Algarve and Alentejo with more history, 240 km of pure joy and a peaceful landscape. Opportunity to explore a more picturesque side of the Algarve, where harmony reigns, get to know beautiful locations near Ria Formosa, follow Rio Guadiana through its valleys and villages. This is a mainly rural road route and few gravel roads take you inside this region, where we can find several support points, picnic park, water points, and typical restaurants.

Explore Ponta da Piedade!
Visiting the headlands south of Lagos is one of the top things to do in the Algarve! It’s nothing more than beautiful. The stacks and cliffs of tortured limestone have a reddish hue and are honeycombed with natural arches and caves. The steps down to the clear water, which is completely covered by the rocks and has an enchanting emerald colour, can be taken.

Dolphin Watching!
You’ll see ocean boat trips promoted at all the major marinas in the Algarve. For starters, there’s deep-sea fishing, but the experience you’ll really treasure is dolphin spotting. In the ocean off the Algarve, there are large numbers of common and bottlenose dolphins, so you are almost sure to have a successful expedition. This is also made simpler by the inquisitive nature of the animals, and pods of up to 50 can hold you company before you know it!

A person is riding a mountain bike, one of the fun and top things to do in the Algarve

The best way to enjoy Algarve is by riding a bicycle and mountain bike!

Now that you already know what the top things to do in the Algarve are,  It is a must that you know the best way to enjoy the Algarve area by riding a bike! Biking activities are really assisted by the location itself and climatic conditions. Traveling by mountain bike from one location to another would certainly be enjoyable. The attractions in the Algarve are also not too far apart, making bicycle travel still appropriate. The weather conditions provided by the Algarve are also on the spot, with sunny days accessible for almost the whole year.

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